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About us :


Seduced about twenty years ago by this beautiful region and its warm and welcoming inhabitants, we settled here to live fully and respect the conservation of the heritage and environment.

Once we were established, we wanted to share this happiness by building 4 cottages and two swimming pools.

In the first place this project was to look like a place where we ourselves would like to spend holidays. So nothing was done without careful thought. The whole project had to correspond to very specific criteria. Each house had to make the most of the spectacular view, while also having a pleasant and private setting.

The exterior and interior design of each house has been thought through and optimized down to the smallest detail to make guests feel completely at home. We should add that we are obsessed with the little details, with all the little extras that make Coustaliers not just rentals, but a particularly pleasurable and welcoming home from home.

One striking feature of our houses is the wood used in their construction. The entirety of the roofs' timber, ceilings and exposed beams come from the trees surrounding us which had to be cut down to allow for building work. Some of these in fact , came from the actual sites, thus in some ways leaving the trees where they belonged !!

Numerous trees and shrubs have been carefully planted to recreate a natural habitat, to decorate the spaces around the houses and replace those cut back during construction.

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